January 1, 2016


This really breaks down into a couple things, SEO, learning, and fun. My old website was terribly outdated, not in it's technologies or design (though I'm sure some people would argue that), but in it's content. I just couldn't will myself to update anything on it because everything was in straight HTML. Which is why blurbs on this website are written using markdown.


I take all my notes in markdown, and it's a really quick way to create styled text without all the markup from HTML. It's just a personal preference thing. It's also great because now all my blurbs will be styled the same without me having to remember classes or ids or tags or whatever with HTML. I get a nice cohesive website without any troubles.

A side benefit is that I don't need to have a database for my blurb entries, just have to save all my markdown files on the server and have it served. This might not be best practices, but I didn't want to build a CMS, so this was a compromise.


I really wanted server side rendering for SEO. I pretty much don't exist according to Google. My old site had virtually no search engine optimization because I used Angular 1.3 and it was completely client rendered. I know it's possible with Angular to get search engine optimization but I didn't find any solution very clean or affordable. Hence the move to React/Flux and a "universal" app. Ooohhh buzz words, added benefit of the technology change.

Oh and go ahead, turn off Javascript. You can still view all content as intended. This goes along with the server rendering and SEO but mainly I'm able to support older browsers and broader range of devices.


I've been using React and Redux for all my projects as of recent but they were all hacked together with warnings left and right, so I wanted to make something using the technologies more correctly (I make no claims that I didn't hack some stuff together for this website). I definitely learned the most about webpack. I understood practically none of it before but now I can at least say I put together my own webpack config.


I wanted to challenge myself. I've been in the web development scene for a couple years now and everything started to feel repetitive. I was getting bored of web development and needed a way to get back into it. Redoing my website was how I did it. I strayed from web development for awhile to do mostly iOS things but this was my way back.


I didn't make this website just because, I want to create a collection of resources I wish I had when I was starting out in web development. There will be a blurbs containing short tutorials, things I discover and find interesting in the web dev world, and probably some rants here and there. Hopefully I can spread some knowledge =D.

Random Code Snippet

How to vertically align something with css.

.vertically-align {
  position: relative;
  top: 50%;
  transform: translateY(-50%);